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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Edinburgh Castle

Weather wasn't good with temperature around 3 Celsius and intermiten snows in Edinburg. We decided to visit the City Centre, while looking for a Parking space we ended in Grassmarket area so we decided to start with Edinburgh's Castle.

It was snowing outside but we queued for about one hour and paid around 16 pounds each to visit The Castle. 

Yes, you're right we are kind of lame!

Inside, well a lot of information about the brave Scottish soldiers and their heroism, but unless you are into soldiers and this sort of stuff like visiting prisons and militia relics is not a good investment IMMO.

I will say the better part of the "museum" is where the "Scottish Honours" are displayed (a stone, a sword and some apparel used in kingdom ceremonies). But still if you are not really interested in Scottish people or Kings there are many other places to waste your money.

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