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Monday, August 05, 2013

Sunday morning in Tokyo

Sundays are terrible days when you're young and wild and high activity days when you're old like my father. Somewhere in the middle they can be great days to get up late and to enjoy big cities where young party animals are sleeping their handovers and old men run or cycle since 5 am.

I decided to go for a walk around Ginza in Tokyo, following Showa Dori from Shimbasi. What the night before was the epicenter of lust and sake was a mix of desert streets and compulsive wealthy shoppers.

 Who said Kimono is an old outfit, new hypters wear it in Ginza.
 Just wordless, but if you left your car in front of Richard Mille's store,
the car should be more valuable than your future watch

 Shinkansen N700, you need to spent some time below 
the rails to get a better idea of what Tokyo can offer you.

 wrong color? Definitely in Tokyo white is what it should be. 
Shimbashi at its best, from its train station,
and somewhere back there my Hotel of choice

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