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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I have done lately, and why this blog is still alive

For those of you who  kindly ask what I am doing lately and specially for those with negative feelings about my future as The Bunny that Rocks in the Blogosphere.

After some issues that unfortunately happened after the summer - most of them because my father is old and I have to compite with my brother to get some attention- this is just some sampling: 

Ride on top of Turo de l'home in a 5 hours bike stupid journey

Visited Blanes as never before

FB participated in this stupid Challenge

I made some friends from the sea

Draculina ran a race again with a bid

I dropped my Father's iphone

Aurora got a V8

Aurora messed up thing when parking her new V8

Tometaro took the Spanish Shinkansen to visit Madrid

I trained this dog to ride a bike. I am sorry 

Burnig stuff

Friends giving food to foxes

Winning Montecarlo Rally Trophies (It's not a fake)

Driving a VOLVO (with the wheel on the wrong side of the car)

Making Puzzles with my father

Irritating bastards from airlines/airports

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