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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cycling destroys families


May be they have told you that Spinning - indoor cycling - is good for your heath, but this is an activity that soon or later will destroy your entire life. 

Let me explain how.

Cycling is as rewarding as running in terms of physical exercise, stamina and the "Mojo" effect that makes old people think they're young an fit. Have you ever wonder why you can spot so many old cyclist (60 and up) out there?

Those shoes are made from baby Kangaroo leather

An if you get the cycling virus at the gym spinning you will - for sure - end up buying one expensive carbon fibre bike that can cost more than a car, then upgrading wheels and components, then buying another one, etc, etc.

This is ok, you earn the money, you decide how to spend it, but after some time he will totally put THE BIKE or CYCLING before anything else.

Fortunately my father has a cheap Decathlon bike,
so he has not waste my heir money on shit.

Why a normal person should wake up at 6. am to sit on a bike for 4-6 hours to travel in a circle 100-160 kilometers?

And this time is taken from me, from his family that needs care and love.

We should BAN the bikes. 

But living in Spain, sure they will tax it, introduce Vehicle inspection, chamois tax or a driving license.

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