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Friday, December 13, 2013

If you could choose your father...

As you know I am living with my step father and step mother so they chose me, that has proven to be better than living with my real parents.

I can say that in the bunny world "betches" like Paris and Kim will fade under my level of "cool", provided that i will be 9 years old this January.

But It's my father at the same level, f**k NO!

He was playing this video to some of their students to show how goods are are made.

Check Mr. Belgium's outfit, the gloves, the crazy denim shirt, the cargo shoes... remove the gloves and the denim shirt (i spotted one in his closet) and this is his outfit.

Obviously the nice Belgian accent, the wrinkles and the ability to make that split is something Father never will have (but I have seen my mother making that splits)... 

hmmm, Mr. Van Damme could you please adopt me?

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