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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Visiting Amsterdam

This is me walking with father bunny near Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Mother bunny was working there and we came by to visit her. We had a very nice time that weekend.

Father bunny brought me with him to work because our plane was scheduled at 15:00. I met also his working mates that were very polite and friendly with me.
Then we took the train, not a taxi. Father bunny is not the kind of person who loves to spend money; he always says that we have to concern about resources. Mother bunny says that he is simply a mean person. Plenty of people were travelling too so the train and the airport was crowded.

We lost our plane, actually I did not understand why. Father bunny said something about these f**kers did overbook our flight.

I had not seen Father bunny so upset and I was worried about this bad start. Fortunately the girl on the airline office was very polite and the supervisor offered father bunny and me another flight and they gave us 250 € to buy nice gift and stuff. Father bunny was very happy and as we were going to arrive very late to Schippol he promised me that we will take a taxi.

The plane wasn't full so I occupied my own seat besides a girl that was all the time looking at me and father bunny.

- May be she was not used to share seats with a nice little bunny- said father bunny.


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