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Monday, February 11, 2008

This post refers to an event dated 01/05/2008

Sometimes life and events repeat as if they were following a secret tempo, sometimes we experience or we live something that we have lived previously.

Scientist and researches, in fact a French gentleman whose name was Émile Boirac called it Déjà vu. Furthermore now we know that there are different types of Déjà vu.
(Déjà vécu, Déjà senti and Déjà visité).

Repetition and cycles are very common in nature, economical cycles, climatic cycles…There are a lot of cyclical phenomena in our universe. Actually a cycle has a starting point and an ending one. You must close the loop to properly talk about a perfect cycle.

And today a very particular cycle ends. Sometime ago, exactly when spring started last year Chairoko and Kiiroko arrived from Japan and Father Bunny picked up them. That day Father Bunny had a business dinner at Carme Ruscalleda’s restaurant and he took them with him. They met Carme, they met a Japanease cooker who works there and they enjoyed one of their first pictures in Spain with Carme.

Today we have gone again there to close the loop, tomorrow they will go back to Japan and Miffo will stay here in our new house after being in Japan for several months.

I will miss my friends a lot, but my sister Miffo has returned. Should I be sad or happy?
It’s very difficult to say it. Meanwhile I will try to taste Carme’s dishes. After all this is my first time and I’am sure I am the first one to taste the new winter menu.

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