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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My friend Cutnejo

I have met a new friend over the net, his name is Cutnejo. He is a little bunny like me, well, in fact he is much little, even more than little tiny bunny (my cousin) is.

Anyways I love him because he is
sweet and tender and I feel somehow the need to protect this little bunny that
looks so fragile and tender.

He had a bad encounter with
some crazy birds and he has a damaged ear and gets scared when he saws any bird…

Mather bunny is not a fan of
him but with some complicity of father bunny I have been able to invite him to
many adventures. Next one will be go skiing. He has not any ski outfit so I
decided to make one similar to my own. Yesterday he came to my place while I was
finishing the garment and he tried it.

He looks so nice and handsome. Check it here


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