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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I wanna be a conceptual artist

Uncle bunny is a designer, but not just a regular one, he got his degree as industrial and product designer.

After sometime he recycled himself as graphic designer, and that after sometime doing interior design. Anyways as father bunny told me he is an artist.

And so, today we had lunch with uncle bunny and he explained to me what a conceptual artist it is.

“Conceptual art is your own vision of art, a true and unperverted way to express
emotions to another individuals that, at the end , it makes possible for those
creatures to think about the mere existence of humanity”

Quite confusing, I Said – so father bunny helped out a little bit.

“Miffa… it’s just a new kind of show off.. When people think that basic and medium necessities are covered they begin to interest themselves in another superior stadium or floor -
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs -“

I really did not understand a word but as they said at the end, people adore these artists “they laugh all their “motherfuck***” stupid stuff as this guy who actually was selling shit cause he said if an artist shits this piece of shit is an artist piece because its origin it’s inside an artist”

Too complicated for a little bunny like me, but if I am an artist and I’m selling my pet shit……
And people pay for it.

Miffa's conceptual art can be admired here:


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