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Monday, December 19, 2005

Miffa is a DJ. (ok may be still not really a good one)

I have been a lot of time living outside Mother bunny house since Grandma bunny is making me a new outfit to cope with the very low temperatures we are going to deal with this winter in China.
Apart from that tiny little bunny is living there and both us are having a lot of fun in a much bigger space and with more freedom.
The bad thing is that I have no broadband access to connect over the net. We 've been very busy as the city is getting crowed with people willing to buy almost everything and strange fat oldmen dressed in red (and in greeen to as you can see on tv) who try to scare poor little bunnies.
Past friday father bunny picked me up at Grandma's and we did some "Christmas Shoppings" at the city center. I would like to share some thought about it in a next article but this will be later.
Father bunny bought me a DJ Device. Someting that you plug to the computer ans allows you to mix music and do a lot of music effects. I have no idea about DJ or DJS but i have observed that there are plenty of small papers that they call "flyers" like this one done by me.
I have the feeling that DJ are very popular and king of party megastars so i will continue reading the instruction manual just in case....


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