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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Miffa in Hurghada (egypt): several world bunny records

This is going to be the most complicated entry that I have ever written. I have been with father and mother bunny in Egypt for seven days and I will write about my experiences during those days.

It won’t be easy and I need some time but a full “visiting Hurghada report" will be written.
But now again at home without dirt, loosy street hawkers and safe I must admit that all penalties we passed were well worth of it:

  • A new underwater bunny record was set by my teddy
  • A new riding a Quad in the desert by night record was set by me and Father
  • A new Miffa riding a Camel record was set too

I am exhausted, but we really nade a big difference and now we can say we're the wildest bunny team ever, capable of reaching where nobody else can.


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