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Friday, April 28, 2006

New below the line ads...

I really love to ask Father Bunny about things I really can not understand… Father bunny – as I have told you several times- has been working in the marketing business for some decades and some of her colleagues – Professor bunny- for over 30 years.

Sometimes I really think marketing and all related disciplines can be explained according to 2 simple rules:

  1. Humans are insane, and thus everything is allowed
  2. If your carrots are rotten and taste as hell but you want to market (sell) them you can use option:
  • Give them away as a present (you are not doing marketing, you’re dumb)
  • Overprice them and try to create the need to buy’em. Once they taste them no one will admit that they taste as hell, don’t’t worry.

But sometimes there are some initiatives that prove to be, at least, fun. (anyways rule number 1 is applicable).

Here you will find an example: sheeps used as movable ads. Funny? May be, but sales increased by 15% and several sheep keepers were fined because authorities think that this kind of ads distract drivers and put them and others in danger.

I wish father bunny were a pilot or F1 driver, that’s so sexy.


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