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Monday, September 24, 2007

Cafemiffy's great gift - and our post number 200

Friday evening, Miffa finds a delivery note from the Spanish Post Office. She alerts everybody, but, especially Chairoko and Kiiroko, that parcel may have arrived from Japan.

Next day Father Bunny drove to the postal offices to pick up the parcel.

Almost all my Bunny Family is here, this handsome guy on the right
is Tako Tako a Japanese octopues who lives at 12,000 feet under the sea

As usual Draculina acted a the bad girl she is and divedinto the contents

And , there, it was. Miffa, Chairoko and Kiiroko as well as our naughty Draculina decide to open the box. Ei !!!!!! Chairoko and Kiiroko´ s parents have sent us a bunch of nice things. Draculina jumps the first in the box, as if she wants to plunge in the box - Chairoko advises Draculina that she should be careful and not jump in that way - Draculina does not care and she finds Umeshu “ She wants to drink Umeshu , but , Mother Bunny does not let her drink “ Umeshu

Miffa is very very happy to get some stuff she bought in a Japanese Mall with her Cafemiffy friends, She put it inside a parcel which is still considered lost by Air France. These French guys have not been very nice with Miffa. Although , Miffa has rung Air France almost every day, the French guys have not initiated any special action to find the parcel. On the top of that, they are quite rude on the phone . They have been telling Miffa that the parcel was not lost, as a parcel cannot be considered lost for 21 days. Now, the 21 days are gone and they asked Miffa to write down the content . They say that they will study the content and then let Miffa know, if she will get a part of that value. But, the nasty French guys already have an excuse : the content mainly consists of food , so, they are not responsible for the food. Miffa said : Ei, guys, I had several nice stuff there apart from food and that food was dried one . What about that ? No reaction from our Air France nasty guys. Phucck !!!

Draculina said. "That stuff smells really good"

Any way, our adorable Café Miffy´s friends sent us a nice parcel with parfums, food and Umeshu for Mother Bunny ( not for Draculina ), they called Narita airport too to ask for information about the lost item.

Thanks a lot , Caffe Miffy

By the way, Chairoko and Kiiroko have established a new Co. in Spain called Chairoko and Kiiroko Logistic Services. Miffa also has some shares . More news will come

Lot of stuff to make our Japanese party!!!! Yeahhh!

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