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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Standing in a corner watching the cars going by!

Do you find my attractive...!

Me and Father bunny are real fighters, ready to fight in any arena. And we fight really tough… So if you dare... if you like, we will be waiting in the corner, watching cars.

We flew to Madrid in an AirEuropa’s Flight from Barcelona to Madrid, the worst option, at a mere 152 euro, one way ticket. – A Business seat in Iberia its 211 euro-

“Las declaraciones de Clos salían al paso de las acusaciones vertidas
el martes por el consorcio del fondo estadounidense Texas Pacific Group (TPG) y
de la aerolínea británica British Airways. Este grupo, que hasta el lunes aspiraba a realizar una oferta por el 100% de Iberia, culpó al Gobierno español de favorecer la compra de más capital de la compañía aérea española por parte de Caja Madrid, forzando así su retirada en esta operación.”

Texas Pacific Group, once, owned Ducati… fine, but I do not like to fly a new Iberia owned by accountants and idiots who have no idea about price fixing and QOS.

Surely some other people have the same thoughts,but we have the fealling that it's better than a state operated company ruins your time.

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