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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last race of 2008

I wonder how a human can be so insanely mad about running that even the last day of this 2008 prepared to run.

If you have an old father that is not getting older in a proper way may be you have the answer or the same problem.

Well, at least this time he was the first one. Eheem!!! The first guy who crossed the finish line dressed in his clerk attire.

What and embarrassment, but soon is going to be my birthday.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finally I am back in the blogosphere

As you surely has noticed I have been much less active lately, almost nothing in the last month. This is, of course, because of my father. He ruined our home computer two weeks or three before. At the beginning it was just a virus nut he made all the mistakes one can make in the computing world and the result was:

We lost some crucial data (including her training log) that after several days of effort was recovered in part. He was so pissed off that have spent several nights sleeping three hours to get things fixed.

And for some reason in his work we can not access blogger, so all our adventures and exciting pictures were waiting in a pen drive.

We tried to convince Father Bunny to buy a new computer (It’s a five years old Asus pundit) but he refused telling us that the crisis will be greater and we will need to adjust our expenses.

Fortunately his company bought a LG X110 for a promotion and he was so impressed about its weight and beauty that he bought one for us. A tiny 10 inches screen laptop for our exclusive use. We were promised a Mac Air a year ago so I wasn’t very happy with the deal.

I said that I did not want nothing running on XP or Linux I wanted my own Leopard.

Finally after two days collecting data and archives, reading different blogs and forums we manage to install Leopard in our LG.
Just a few moments we installed a new wifi driver that works and therefore this is my first pot in my new poormen’s Mac Air.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally old Father got something for running

Spanish: Al final al puto Viejo le dan algo por correr.

I have said sometimes that humans do not run and my Father will rate as a turtle considering that he runs very slow even for being a human. Despite that he runs and runs every week with her new running friends. Past December the 7th they run in Mataro where he embarrassed me with his poor performance.

But he –and all the people who finished – got a very nice present from a health and beauty company.

At least he and Draculina helped our family to cope with the economic crisis. We have some pictures of the team, but they’re some damn hot and attractive that we are afraid of crazy girls asking for their phone numbers and me being homeless after the divorce.

--------- cut here --------

Ya lo he dicho varias veces; los humanos no sirven para correr y mucho menos el viejo, que no ganaría ni a una tortuga. A pesar de lo malo que es sigue corriendo y corriendo cada semana con sus nuevos amigos corredores. El pasado 7 de diciembre corrieron la media maratón de Mataró, donde me avergonzó por lo mal que lo hizo y porque fue incapaz de hacer algo digno “porque me dolían las piernas”.

Pero por primera vez él y
TODOS los que terminaron recibieron un regalo magnífico del patrocinador.

Por lo menos él y Draculina ayudaron a nuestra familia a intentar superar la crisis. Tenemos varias fotos del equipo, pero con hombres tan atractivos y musculados es posible que se monte un buen sarao y yo acabe en la calle tras el divorcio. (que sé que a más de uno las turistas acalaman con delirio en el Parc Güel)


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Ramiro is cooking volume 2 “Dorada al horno” “golden bream”

The gilt-head (sea) or golden bream Sparus aurata (Linn.) is a fish of the bream family Sparidae found in the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern coastal regions of the North Atlantic Ocean. It grows to about 60 cm long.

The only problem is that a wild one of 50 centimetres will cost you about 200 euro or more. Fortunately most of those fishes come from fish farms and weight about 600 grams to 1,200 grams. This is enough for one or two persons and to fit inside a normal oven.

You will need.

  • Potatoes
  • Lemon
  • Garlic
  • onions
  • Salt & pepper
  • A “dorada” or two
  • A nice oven
  • Tomatoes

How to cook.

Pre-heat the oven at 200 Celsius. Clean the fish, but keep its head and open it from its head to the tail using a sharpened knife. Wash it gently and let it dry using paper.

Slice the onions, tomatoes and lemons and put them inside the fish. Add salt and pepper both inside and outside to your taste.

Peel and slice the potatoes and fry them in oil. We will use them as the fish’s “bed” put some onion too if you like a sweeter taste.

Put the fish over the potatoes bed. Timing will depend on the fish size but as a general rule expect at least 40 minutes (20 + 20 each side) for a 800 grams "Dorada"

About the garlic? Smash it with a mortar and add some water, throw it over the fish when you change its side in the oven.

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Ramiro is cooking “Bonito del norte en salsa de tomate”

“We assume you’re an experienced cooker so we will not set a fixed
amount for every ingredient because we trust in your ability
to “feel and taste” the proper amount”

Damn, Ramiro has a quite strong personality!!!!

You will need:(for four people a one inch slice per person (4 slices) will do.)

        • Bonito or Tuna Fish (as a second option). Check
        • Tomatoes
        • Tomato puree
        • Garlic cloves
        • Onion(s)
        • Olive oil (well you can use motor oil or something
          like it in your fixed menu restaurant)
        • Salt
        • Eggs for a more sophisticated taste
        • Red peppers (Pimiento del piquillo)
          just if you are cooking for your boy/girl friend.
        • How to make it.

          Put some oil in a fried pan or similar recipient and add the sliced onion and garlic. Peel the tomatoes and add them to the pan when onions have a nice golden colour. Add tomato pure and add salt to your taste. Cook it slowly for a while taking care of it and removing when needed. Expect about 20 to 30 minutes. Add some white wine and water and let it cook very slow.

          In another pan put some oil and slightly fry the tuna (30 seconds each face) you can pass the tuna filet over some flour and egg to improve the dish’s cache.

          Remove the tuna and keep apart. If some oil is still in the pan add it to the sauce.

          Put the tuna in the pan and cook it very slow for an additional 10 minutes. Then add the peppers. We use “Pimientos del piquillo” that surely are not available overseas, but this is just an option.


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          Ramiro is cooking – volume 1

          You know my Father and specially Miffo are excellent cookers (well this is something that applies to Miffo only).

          In the past I used to have a luxury restaurant where we mixed the best from the East and the West but this damn crisis has ruined my – quite expensive restaurant- and I have been forced to convert it in an inexpensive closed menu restaurant that offers traditional Spanish dishes.

          Do no tell anyone but we refill the wine bottles and other things that you always suspected but never think restaurants did.

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          Draculina J wild travel to Provence (France)

          There’s something in Draculina’s DNA that forces them to visit this nice region of France. May be it’s the wine, may be it’s “le charme” but Draculina J who has been educated in a maiden school were partying was banned was there with Mother Bunny and we remained here in Barcelona paying a huge bill for her drinks and for the room damages.

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