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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Miffy themed hotel in Osaka (Japan)

Old Grandma is very popular in Japan. There you can find a lot of merchandise in toy stores and Lawson (convenience store chain similar to 7eleven) offers promotions and point redemption programs where the prizes are often Miffy's tableware.

As you know if you read last blog entry, my friend 9j sent us wonderful gifts and one of them it was a book called "Always Miffy". 

Inside the book there is a lot of information about Miffy's books, exhibitions and some places you should visit if you are a great fan.

One of the most, let's say impressive, it's Hilton Hotel Osaka. Located close to the JR (Japan Rail) station it's a modern, big, convenient hotel with special rooms for Miffy's fans. rooms are decorated with Miffy's drawings, and you get Miffed candy and special breakfast with the package.

This is me looking Osaka's skyline

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