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Friday, March 29, 2013

Welcome to Scotland

After an infamous experience with Ryanair - there were no other option available - I manage to arrive to Edinburgh on schedule to have dinner but I learnt that this airline IS NOT CHEAP (200 Euros Barcelona to Edinburgh, no luggage, no additional service) and that SOMEONE need to stop their - sometimes - illegal activities.

But forget about the drama (I will pass through it when returning). This March it's snowing in one of the coldest winters they have had in 50 years, so it's perfect weather for my first visit to this country. (I am not joking, I love snow)

As you know lately Tometaro is traveling with me in almost all my recent trips and may be because my father is becoming and old lazy bastard my plans is to enjoy my Spa Hotel in the bushes, some light activities in town center and - may be- some shopping.

By the way, Tometaro made a good friend just arrived to the hotel.

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