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Monday, August 22, 2005

Little tiny bunny is kidnapped !!

One day father bunny and little tiny bunny went to his workplace in the city center together.
One has to take great care of her because she is so little...
Father bunny left the office for a while and his workmates were suppose to take care of her. (they are designers and may be artist but we will talk about that another day)
Suddenly father bunny received this picture over his mobile. Little tiny bunny was kidnapped!!
May be someone took her and then they will ask for money or another wiard things.
Father bunny was worried.
But finally, he discovered the plot.
Little tiny bunny and his workmates were pulling his leg and everything was a joke!!!
"This was not funny Miffa" said father bunny... but after a while he was laughing too... ;-)


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