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Friday, February 03, 2006

Corrupción en Miami – Miami Vice

A few days ago, may be a week, father bunny was ill. May be it was some kind of avian flu (imported from HK). Mother bunny was skiing and having Foundee in Switzerland (though she said she was there for work), so this little bunny was in charge of all in home operations for two days.

First day was quite normal with father bunny doing some call to people and trying to dome some work on the computer, except for some sudden visit to the WC everything seemed right.

But, at the end of that day he, may be because of his high fever, reminded about a TV program from his childhood --- Miami Vice --- and that was the beginning of a reckless adventure in which I took part…

We watched almost half of the first season on the TV!!!!!!!!

It was not only watching the episodes, it was listening all the stuff and supposedly funny anecdotes that father bunny was talking about.

For any little bunny like me, born in 2004, using the way back machine to move 20 years away (the eighties) could cause severe trauma. Fashion tends to re-invent (ehem, copy old concepts and mix them up), so I am used to see Uncle Bunny and Aunt Bunny, and even Mother bunny wearing old 70 garments, you know, bell bottom blue jeans and elephant leg pants.

But when you try to approach the 80’s, You’d better faster your seat belt!!. I must admit that Miami Vice it was the genesis of what we now call video-art.

Please note Ricardo's face (too may oysters or/and seasick?)

Aesthetics, editing, music and good looking bunnies are far more important than plot and story. Besides it introduces some concepts as product placement (Fake Ferrari, and may be fake Rolex???) Anyways, here they are, the little bunny questions.

  • Mr Crocket (Burnett) looks like if he was dressed with clothes founded in a trash container
  • Haven’t anyone said him that a belt is a good idea when wearing formal trousers?
  • Color matching, ok this is something very personal.
  • Look the “shoes” he is wearing, Oh, shit not even Father Bunny ill will dare to wear that.
  • Why they use a fake Ferrari (Corvette with Ferrari parts)? Even Ferrari was so embarrassed that in the third season the gave them two units.
  • Why Armani designed those super shiny suits that Ricardo and all the bad boys are using?
  • Mr Crocket's voice in the Spanish dubbed version is kind of macho attractive but Mr Johson looks like the typical freak teen sound. (Bravo Melanie)

So many questions….

Arggh!!!!! I have discovered a picture of mother bunny with the same hairstyle (long curly hair with plenty of hairspray)

Please Mega Tiny Bunny, Don’t look at it!

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