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Monday, May 21, 2007

Chairoko and Kiiroko master Spanish Cuisine: Paella

Some ingredients to make a good Paella
As I have told you Their parents are very skilled Japanese cookers and they are training Miffo in the noble art of Japanese Cuisine.

Unfortunately my parents are no so good in traditional Spanish dishes but still with the help of Father Bunny’s Grandmas and Mother Chairoko and Kiiroko will have enough knowledge as to open a chain of Spanish restaurants in Tokyo.

If you think about the best known Spanish rice dish, what do you think?
Paella (Pa-e-ha), right.

A Chinese Bunny like me will say that Paella it’s just ok, but I am still looking for the bonus, but Kiiroko and Chairoko – surely they saw something “typical” in our Sagrada Familia visit – asked me to know more about it.

Doing some research we have founded what almost everyone knew about this dish. The origin is a place called Albufera (near Valencia) where people use to cultivate rice here in Spain. According to some people it would have and Arab origin, because it would be a local variation of cus cus.

Anyways what is clear is that people use to add what is easily available and the cruel reality is that they put duck meat, pork meat, chicken and EVEN RABBIT meat.!!!!

Surely from there it jumped to the coast where people begun to include seafood on it.
I totally agree with the fact that fish and meat do no match great and some people say that the mixed Paella is far away from the original recipe.

Obviously the recipe you will find here is SEAFOOD.

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