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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cooking with Miffa and her sisters Part 1

Miffa Chan with secret ingredient from Japan

The team (from left to right): Chairoko, Miffu, Ninjin, Draculina and Kiiroko

Chairoko checking if everthing was going right.

Final Check by Japanese cookers

Now let's go for the second course.

As Miffa has told you sometimes we are in Barcelona and her sister Miffo is in our house in Tokyo. We don’t meet Miffo, we were flying from Japan and she was flying from Spain at the same time. But Miffa went to Tokyo and she met some of my sister and my parents.

They gave a lot of Japanese food as a gift for them. We love to cook and we have learnt a lot of recipes from our Parents. Unfortunately Miffa is not a good Japanese cooker and neither they are good on it.

On the other hand Miffa’s parents know quite a few Spanish dishes, Miffa has her own restaurant with her sister Miffu and Father Bunny.

After some days training hard with Miffa, she opened her restaurant again and we did a special menu for Mother Bunny. In this link you will find a pdf document with the menu. We actually think that Miffa charged her mother a lot for the menu but Miffu told us that previously the bills were even higher.

We prepared a Japanese miso soup, to which we added our secret ingredients. Then we had some shellfish (Oysters and big shrimps).

- We didn’t find complicate to prepare seafood.

We asked Miffa where the difficult thing was on doing it.

- The great amount of experience that you need to select the good stuff in the market

She replied

May be she is right but we think that she was pulling our leg.

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