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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Miffe aka Mad Doctor with her helmet

This past Sunday my sister and I wanted to go to beach. But suddenly Father Bunny reminded that there were bike races on TV.

There our hopes to hit the beach ended. Personally I consider bikes very noisy, uncomfortable, dirty and without style.

ehemm.... we were just playing we ride a BunnyGp Bike

I prefer the leather seats of my Aston or the vacuum cleaner sound that you hear in a 911, but my wilder sister “Draculina” and my new friend, a giant bunny (70 cm / 2.3 ft) enjoyed the race. They enjoyed the most the last one with Bunny Pedrosa who won the race with supreme authority.

Father Bunny told us that we used the wrong helmet, he said that
this one was to pilot his jetfighter (he still thinks I am a little bunny)

Yesterday they were playing as if they were Bunny racers and they were messing with FB’s helmet and they even made a “circuit” on the carpet. I was wondering what it would happen when father bunny arrived… Nothing he started to play with them.

I still don’t like it but I love those lovely decorated orange bikes the most.

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