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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sailing till sunset

Chairoko and Kiiroko enjoyed their first
journey in a racing siling boat (Beneteau First)

Kiiroko did it real god with our genoa sail.

Coming back to our base we saw this magnificent sunset

Back from NY, Boston and Cape Cod, Miffa did not feel like staying at Brcelona. She decided to go sailing .She loves to feel the wind touching lightly her nice ears. This time she wanted to show to Chairoko and Kiiroko, how you sail in a nice boat prepared for regatta.

Only the three of them together with Father Bunny were sailing the whole day till dawn.
Miffa´s Japanese friends are becoming familiar with the art of sailing and learning the first Spanish words in order to help Miffa sailing. However, they do not still dare to touch the rudder wheel. Well, Miffa is in charge of it and protects Chairoko and Kiiroko.

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