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Monday, February 18, 2008

Miffa at Custo Barcelona’s BBB party

I was the first who entered, really.

Some nice visuals, really impressive.

As I told you in my previous post I was not really in the mood and the idea of going the BBB winter 2008 wasn’t very excited.

But, father bunny got two VIP passes for Custo’s catwalk and Custo’s party. Well, it’s said that it’s really hard to get into there and Father Bunny convinced me to go. I must admit that I was somehow excited about my first catwalk, the cool people (or not) and the TV airing the show.

Well the plan was nice but the final result was the poorest and most embarrassing organization that most of us had ever seen. A long, long line with plenty of people waiting to enter the Palace, the greatest idiots on earth were at the door checking the invitations and a lot of people loosing their nerves.

Finally they closed the doors just in front of our faces, with security personnel acting like the dumbest idiots. Pathetic! Just one note: would you send ten times more invitations than seats inside the Palace? It seems that they did it.

We had a VIP Press invitation, a VIP express lane or something would help in these cases. Anyways the night started the wrong way with father bunny really mad.

We rushed to the party, sponsored by SEAT and therefore inside the Fira de Barcelona SEAT pavilion. A big clear space where visuals were quite good –but not really real time as the one Mr. Cyteck made for anateo- quite good music and some show girls.

The format was “all you can drink” and what it was a nice party at the beginning it became a crowded drunken people meeting. Father Bunny was worried about so many people and at some point he decided that his little bunny could be in severe risk of being burnt by a cigarette or being watered with Johnny Walker Black Label.

Again too much people to really enjoy the party. Dying of too much success, May be.

Another one:

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