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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

With mother bunny at "La Florida"

Here it's me with my teddy having breakfast at La Florida Hotel. Father bunny and me packed our things yesterday and met mother bunny there.
Father bunny said " You are going to look very nice with this hair band" and both of us put in our best clothes to make mather bunny a big surprise.
I am having a lot of fun because everything is very nice and form my room I can see a magnificent view of the City. I'm taking a lot of pictures to share with my friends.

I took my bath book with me and we will take a bath while reading some nice stories about little bunnies.

Father bunny will bring me a new toy today... how excited I am!

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  • Mother bunny invited father bunny to the hotel and she wanted to have a nice relax evening with him. But, guess what, father bunny shows up with you . You started touching everyhing, asking for questions and interrupting our nice romantic evening. During breakfast you decided to eat with us and eat all the croissants. So, no romantic eveining and less food . May be a nice little bunny like you should stay home , watch cartoons and do not try to follow father bunny , when he´s going to meet mother bunny in luxurious hotels in order to carry on things, which we are not going to tell you.

    By Blogger mother.bunny, at 2/12/2006 09:01:00 pm  

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