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Monday, November 07, 2005

Circus - circus : we’re not blue anymore.

Father bunny was a great fan of all kind of motor sports in the past, specially bikes. He usually tells me that as soon as I can ride he will buy a mx bike for me to practice.

I would not want to disappoint him but I don’t think I will enjoy with that.

Anyways last Sunday we were watching some races on the TV and both of us have fun.

Father bunny explained to me that there are some stars, as they sure he wants me to be. One of them is a little boy dressed in blue that really rocks their rivals. Another two of them look like circus clowns to me:

Father explained to me: “As you know, Miffa, there’s always a smart clown and dumb one. The first one is always making fun of the poor dumb. The most effort the poor idiot is trying to do to achieve success, the cruelest the smart one is treating him and the most fun people are making of him.”

- “ I hate this bad clown father bunny” said to him
- “ I hate it too, Miffa” said father bunny

“But look –said father bunny – next year the dumb one is not going to be blue but red (and I wish this colour will be make right for him, but I won’t expect) and may be, this little boy dressed in blue will make fun of the bad clown you , Miffa, don’t like.”

Poor dumb clown… he is not blue anymore. Btw, father, who are those in orange?
Just for another circus that use to be the best of the world sometime ago


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