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Monday, December 26, 2005

Cutnejo is kidnapped. The Curse of The Golden Tuzi

A few hours ago I received a message from some crazy evil organization from Hong Kong, claiming they had kidnapped my beloved Cutnejo as some kind of revenge about father bunny activities.

I was very surprised and shocked, but then Mother bunny finally told me that they’re some kind of super secret agents involved in patent, copyright infringement and all kind of dirty stuff.

I will take first flight to HK tomorrow and ready to kick these guys asses and to bring Cutnejo back with me.

“Curse of the Golden Tuzi” has started.


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Sunday, December 25, 2005

The day after Christmas night

Father bunny went shopping , but he told us he was going to buy bread. Then , we realised he had gone shopping. On the next day, he told us that a man dressed in red had been climbing the whole night in order to reach our balcony and deliver some presents. I cannot believe how stupid father bunny thinks we are. Anyhow, I got a nice present , so , I don’t care if father bunny went shopping and an idiot tried to climb the whole night.

Mother bunny was a little bit upset , as she thought that the red man had only delivered a few presents for us , but she got the biggest one ( a nice handbag )

Here you can see me inside the nice handbag


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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas (and my first flash movie)

For about one and a half months people here in Barcelona goes crazy buying all kind of things that surely they won’t need.

That is just everyday matter over there in Honk Kong, so did not surprise me a lot. Anyways I went though this in a previous post (see below).

Almost everyday me and father bunny have been receiving nice cards from everywhere, well, actually not so much. A friend of father bunny sent him two. Thank you Teresa !!
One of them it was an animated Flash movie.

Of course me and father bunny had no idea about using that software, I am artist, little bunny artist but I used to create concepts instead of seeking for perfection.

Father bunny first refused, but at the end we decided to make a nice movie. I wanted to give this animated card to my beloved Cutnejo.

He has been flirtering around lately with big babes with long curly hair (
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/26321213/) ,
little ones – much more than tiny little bunny my cousin – (

To tell you the truth I always get mad about that, but I have decided to grab my Cutnejo by his ears, get into my special custom made Miffa Chan DB8 and take him with me a nice ski resort.

Here you can check the movie:


I will return to my hometown this winter, see you soon with more adventures.

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2006


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Monday, December 19, 2005

Miffa is a DJ. (ok may be still not really a good one)

I have been a lot of time living outside Mother bunny house since Grandma bunny is making me a new outfit to cope with the very low temperatures we are going to deal with this winter in China.
Apart from that tiny little bunny is living there and both us are having a lot of fun in a much bigger space and with more freedom.
The bad thing is that I have no broadband access to connect over the net. We 've been very busy as the city is getting crowed with people willing to buy almost everything and strange fat oldmen dressed in red (and in greeen to as you can see on tv) who try to scare poor little bunnies.
Past friday father bunny picked me up at Grandma's and we did some "Christmas Shoppings" at the city center. I would like to share some thought about it in a next article but this will be later.
Father bunny bought me a DJ Device. Someting that you plug to the computer ans allows you to mix music and do a lot of music effects. I have no idea about DJ or DJS but i have observed that there are plenty of small papers that they call "flyers" like this one done by me.
I have the feeling that DJ are very popular and king of party megastars so i will continue reading the instruction manual just in case....


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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

NYC skyscrapers and Woody Allen

Even a little bunny like me associates Hong Kong with skyscrapers and Kung Fu movies. Being honest I must say that Father bunny does not like me to watch them, because there is a lot of violence on them, anyways this is a part of my DNA and I cannot avoid liking them.

This is how I arrived to Woody Allen, when father bunny forbidden me to watch them I asked mother bunny for advice, and she told me:

- We’ll watch Woody Allen’s movies; he is a big, big American movie director and actor that usually use New York as his set.

In this part I must say that past eastern I was not allowed to visit NYC with father and mother bunny and that during that visit they were in a club were Woody plays jazz music…

After several movies watched, almost all of them, these are some matters, questions, etc coming for this little bunny.

Over the time Woody shows a cyclic art creation tendency ranging from:

Comedy to stupid comedy, stupid comedy to pathetic comedy, pathetic comedy to light drama, light drama to medium drama, medium drama to intense drama and then again to comedy…

Some common plot, characters and elements (an jokes too)

NYC – the place

- Woody Allen uses New York City and captures its atmosphere and beauty as no one does – said mother bunny

And she may be right, sure she is but here it is my little bunny question. Is NYC so slow, so grey, so decadent? NYC in his movies is the same time after time. Comparing it with HK the lights, the cars, the action… (just another simplistic stereotype)

East Village and Upper Manhattan people

Successful but neurotic urban over-achievers whose relationships always seem to end prematurely. Wow for being a little bunny this is a very big sentence. But I have a secret that father bunny told me (bullshit bingo)

It looks like they are living in a wonderful place, are overpaid, have a lot of spare time and all these ingredients force them to search for an unreachable love. One thing that I would like to ask Father bunny is why at noon they’re sometimes at home drinking something called “Martini”

Woody’s alter ego

Sometimes, almost all of them at the beginning, and seldom in recent times Woody is the main character (Father Bunny told me that now he is so fuc*ing old that he is unable to stay so much time standing).

No matter the movie no matter the plot:

- Acts as a paranoid man that has severe problems to satisfy or getting satisfied with opposite sex.
- Some jokes or fears or any other references about Jewish
- Claustrophobia, hypochondria, and all kind of psychosomatic sh*t is suffered by buddy Woody
- Tends to hyper act, monopolize dialogues
- Psychologist and traumas appear
- Some more than I am trying to understand

And, in a nutshell

- A little bunny like me realizes that his cinema is not suitable for everyone.
- I saw him in a picture with mother bunny and he barely reached her waist
- He looks like a suddenly air blow could be able to break him in parts
- No one in USA want to produce his movies
- His latest movie may be is a sign that at 70’s he is a mature man

Woody was late so no time to say goodbye !


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Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas is already here, or may be it was already a month ago.

For a little Honk Kongese bunny like me that is not used to Christmas (most of us do not even know about it) is quite exciting to observe some things happening around

  • Streets have much more light since the beginning of November, that’s wonderful but Father Bunny told me Christmas in on late December… ¿?
  • I saw on TV that in a land called El Corte Ingles is already Christmas, ¿how could this be possible?
  • I am a big fan of a program called “Los Lunnies” some very nice people coming from “Luna Lunera”, normally I watch it every day but last month there are a lot of ads about very expensive toys (all of them are above 30 $)
  • In stores you can see plenty old fat men dressed in red (quite old fashion) who say “OOOHHHHOOOHHHO” first time I got so scared that got into Father Bunny jacket.
  • Sometimes, very big animals leashed to a big sleigh are also there. They are called reindeers and are from the very north, quite friendly but a little bit scary first time. While waiting in the airport I met one of them. He was very bored and complained that apart from missing home it was quite hot for him. (you can see a picture of us)
  • People buy a lot of things during Christmas, food, drinks, paper with a number called lottery… Yes, they pay 30 € at least for it.
  • ...

Anyways, I will need more time to get used to it. Thank god we’re going to be outside during Christmas time… But just in case I am going to tell mother bunny if she could order that nice purse to one of those big fatty red men.

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