Miffa is da # 1

Monday, February 27, 2006

I am totally out of control.

Being a little bunny (may be now not so little as I am one year old) is very stressing. As you now we shouted our first movie in China http://goldentuzi.miffa.net/ and a few days after that I had a meeting at The Peninsula lobby with their executives to produce one of the first bunny produced trends magazine. http://Hvmagazine.miffa.net

This is me trying to convince top executives Miffa is the real number one

Father bunny was ill and I missed Bread & butter BCN, so I took a plane to attend BCN Berlin with low temperatures, cheap hotels and all this kind of sh*T. Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Melbourne…

I am exhausted, so exhausted that for a month or so I have not driven my Aston Martin. Even worse I bought a nice 65 feet ship two weeks ago and Father and Mother bunny are all the time scheduling business on it.

I spend more than 14 hours a day with my computer trading values with the million (euro) father bunny gave me. Now I am one day in Berlin dealing with Escada about our new collection, and the same day having supper with Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana in their Italian Castle. Rolls Royce, Luxury hotels and several people coming with me taking care of my needs, airports, first class and VIP lounges, Champagne, fresh carrots grown in Madagascar (the sweetest ones).

Lot of time trying to create opportunities and value for my customers and for the world, and all of that just because Miffa think she must use the great intelligence God Bunny gave her.

Just kidding, I am just a little uncomplicated bunny who loves to play games with father bunny and that thinks many business men are crazy.

Check this out: http://spanish.martinvarsavsky.net/fon/ritmo-infernal.html
One can be stupid, but so much????

Check also big bunny Corrosco entry

PS: Don’t ask me to translate “Pajeros”


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