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Monday, February 13, 2006

New Madrid Barajas T4 airport terminal

Mother bunny went today to Madrid.. She was a little bit excited by the fact that she was arriving to the new terminal T4 at Madrid airport. . Everybody has been complaining about the new Terminal. People argue that services are quite poor, no signs to indicate the exit way and so on. Mother bunny got up at 7.00 am to fly to Madrid. Actually, we don´t know, if mother bunny was so asleep that she didn´t realize all the problems in the new Terminal , or if the new terminal is fine.
Actually, mother bunny came back at 11.00pm and she said that the new terminal was great. Awesome shops, nice architecture, lively colours and so on …
but the only thing she complained about was the time you spend right now to fly from Barcelona and to Madrid and backwards.The new terminal is so huge, that you have to walk for about 10 minutes before you reach the desk and get your boarding card.
Mother bunny was exhausted to walk arount the new terminal. Once you land at Barcelona airport on the third runway, it takes you 10 minutes on the plane to reach the terminal .So, mother bunny complained about all the time wasted at the airports.

Poor mother bunny.


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