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Friday, May 26, 2006

Isn’t cruel to be in love?

After my first really bad experience with the pink rabbit (he was so big and me so young ,and many people warned me about that…)

I tried to find a companion to share fresh lettuce with. It was pink too and very handsome, but he cheated me with the first one that just said hello to him.

Then I met Cutnejo and we spent a good time in several adventures. We went to Switzerland to ski, to China, etc

Today I have seen the new Vogue eyewear campaign, indeed I saw that campaign several weeks before but I did not see that nice creature, that nice snow white skin like mine, those beautiful eyes.

Vogue hired him to participate in a big eyewear campaign across Europe in which the new prescription models are introduced.

By the way the model is using one of those acetate / ethanoate awful frames that normally use modern people


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