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Friday, June 30, 2006

I do not like chocolate... I prefer leather

Other Bloggers have been invited to take part into several polls ranging from tooth paste to mobile phones.

Old Father Bunny told me that blogging is “cool” and even if their “audience” is limited and obscure, ROI is always positive. Specially CPI ratio.

I really don’t care about that, but I got mad when I read
this and that one.

Fortunately yesterday I received a parcel from Vertu and a nice letter fron the CEO:

Dear Miffa,

We have sent you a new phone […] the leather we have
used is a softer version of that used to cover your Aston Martin seats,
provides that everyday use requires softer feeling, but the same quality and

So here’s my review about the new Vertu Signature:

In a very competitive environment, where external signs are visually watched and recognised, on the fly one must be over the rest.

Definitely a good tan, a good figure and – of course- several luxury items will help you to be the super Queen of every situation.

Vertu phones are the most exclusive, more expensive ones available. If you’re thinking about Nokia N series you’re wrong.

No camera, no tech that no one uses, just luxury, materials, exclusivity. ¿Who wants a Casio watch with lot of functions if you can buy a Patek?

Vertu phones use the same leather hat my
Aston Martin does, and this is just a guarantee

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