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Monday, June 26, 2006

Miffa ad Mare (at the sea): with Dana on board

Father Bunny tells me that many items are not relevant in our life: Color of your skin, origin, race, behavior. So I decided to invite Dana, a dog whose ancestors have been trained in the “noble art” of hunting.

Hunting means:

To pursue for food or in sport or to manage in the search for

So Dana’s DNA has the right answers about how to enjoy her time with a poor little bunny like me.

Anyways under the tight supervision of Father bunny I really was able to guide this vessel from Palamos (41º 51'N - 3º 08'E) to Medas (42°3'0" N 3°13'15" E ) with no problems except high winds and waves coming from North.
Soon I will get myself certified as Oceanic Yatch Master and I will rule the oceans


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