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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sailing from Roses Bay to Dali's place: Port Lligat

Studying our route through Mediterranean Sea

My Step Father and me had a conversation a few days ago. I asked him for advice about what kind of career I should try in the future.

He has over protected me for the last two years and my life has been very easy. But now I’m ready to show him I will be capable of achieving the highest marks…

This is how while trying to get some attention from my father I got involved in sailing. Father Bunny himself loves it but as you now he is a member of that “Closed Fist Brotherhood” and he thinks this sport is only for “posh idiots and fuck*ng assholes with a lot of money”

May be Victoria Beckham and me are in the same row in FB’s chart , but I love sailing…

Trimming sails and managing lines is not easy

Last weekend we planned a nice journey: L’Escala to Port Llligat (Dali’s)

This was my fifth journey as a yachting master apprentice so I was commanding the whole vessel.

In a next post I will tell u more about that journey

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