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Monday, June 19, 2006

Spainv vs. tunisia: how i missed the Big Bunny Corrosco Party

After the first – ever- blog transmitted soccer match done by Big Bunny Corrosco we really got interested into soccer matches and WSFC.

I personally hate soccer, as Miffu and Father Bunny do (and most of the Abuse team do too), but this year we hooked up to Mr Corrosco’s live acts.

May be it’s him, may be not, but Spanish soccer team has done the best after ages.
One must admit that Tunisia and Ukraine are not the most dangerous rivals… but anyways I think one must visit his site and preach for the Spanish team.

Send your offerings to Mr. Corrosco, specially weird beers to cope with his collaborators ‘ thirst .

We would really love to be there, Father Bunny…Please make it to happen and explain as what the hell is “horchata en las venas”
Oh, my good 89:48 and the referee signales a penalty: a new goal.
Spain 3 ------------ Tunisia 1

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