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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Miffa’s travel and adventure: Planning my trip to Japan

Yes, I was wearing my hi-protection gear to cope with the heat wave

Travelling to Asia has several added difficulties to cope with; you should know a little of their culture and sometimes you must know a little about their language.

This has been not a big deal for a hongkonese bunny who can communicate both in traditional and Mandarin Chinese, or for Mother Bunny who has great knowledge of Mandarin.

Japan was a forbidden travel destination for my parents (as they used to think it was the most expensive place on earth). It was not after my deals with native Japanese bunnies and some persuasion that they really decided to visit Tokyo. I must admit that the plane ticket from Beijing to Tokyo was more expensive than the one from Barcelona to Beijing, but after all we were dying to visit the city.

Father Bunny overprotects me, but i love him a lot
In our five days there our expectatives were high but the experience doubled the initial expectative.

So we decided to further explore Japan. We thought we will need something like 30 days at least, and we were right. Planning a trip to a place that you don’t know and where more than 120 million people live is not easy so we took some time.

First as soon as on April 23rd Mother bunny made a nice gift to Father Bunny: 4 different tourist and cultural guides about Japan.

After several weekends reading all of them the initial travel schedule is made. All the places are carefully chosen and then it was only a matter of air tickets and hotels…

Big mistake, getting tickets was not so easy and after some concerns about edreams (who did not pay the airline we booked in our Australia travel) we decided to rely to Father Bunny’s Chinese Travel Agency. Booking hotels outside Tokyo was even worse with a lot of time using the network and emailing for confirmation.

Me at Imperial Palace Kyoto

If you have friends you have a big treasure, it’s said and our friends from Cafemiffy reviewed our travel plan and gave us the most valuable and better of the advices.

So we changed that it was required and thus we got was we thought it was the perfect itinerary.

And it was, but let me tell you how to improve it a little bit (of course adding more days)

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