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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finally I am back in the blogosphere

As you surely has noticed I have been much less active lately, almost nothing in the last month. This is, of course, because of my father. He ruined our home computer two weeks or three before. At the beginning it was just a virus nut he made all the mistakes one can make in the computing world and the result was:

We lost some crucial data (including her training log) that after several days of effort was recovered in part. He was so pissed off that have spent several nights sleeping three hours to get things fixed.

And for some reason in his work we can not access blogger, so all our adventures and exciting pictures were waiting in a pen drive.

We tried to convince Father Bunny to buy a new computer (It’s a five years old Asus pundit) but he refused telling us that the crisis will be greater and we will need to adjust our expenses.

Fortunately his company bought a LG X110 for a promotion and he was so impressed about its weight and beauty that he bought one for us. A tiny 10 inches screen laptop for our exclusive use. We were promised a Mac Air a year ago so I wasn’t very happy with the deal.

I said that I did not want nothing running on XP or Linux I wanted my own Leopard.

Finally after two days collecting data and archives, reading different blogs and forums we manage to install Leopard in our LG.
Just a few moments we installed a new wifi driver that works and therefore this is my first pot in my new poormen’s Mac Air.

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