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Monday, July 27, 2009

Draculina is now a triahtlete

My sister Draculina has abandoned her past life of endless parties until next morning and has become a great sport freak.

After Father’s Bunny debut in Calafell’s Triathlon Draculina was dying to make her debut and Father decided that Barcelona’s trial was the perfect place.

They went to the start line – located in Barcelona’s beach down under Hotel Arts – where at 6:30 am they need to left their stuff in the box prior to their start.

A great contrast with more than 2000 athletes and their bicycles and several hundred drunken tourist lying on the beach with alcohol bottles. This is the true meaning of the Visc a Barcelona (Council campaign to promote the joy of living in this city).

Anyways, Draculina did a poor job in the swim leg (like father bunny) a no so good cycling leg, because of her great ears who created some drag (definitely we should work in aero dynamics for the next time).

Our average speed of 34.24 km/h was no so good but the faces of the people who we overtook really fast were funny when some of the realized that FB’s bike was carrying extra weight.

Finally as experienced runners we managed to pass another 50 or 60 people to end in a no so bad 400 out of 2000.

And of course another world bunny record has been set.

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Monday, July 20, 2009


After a relaxing and nice trip to Japan, which had been promised by Father Bunny, I am back to my home city

Father Bunny sent me back to the Japanese school. That is going to be hard, specially in summer time. It is so hot right now . I would like to sit at home, drink a soda and just relax.

But, that´s life.

Well, in the last two weeks, I have been reading Haiku. Haiku are like very short poems. I discovered looking on the JAL webpage that if I write a really nice Haiku, may be, I can win a trip to Japan. How exciting ! But, I do not dare so far to write Haiku.

At the same time, I started ORIGAMI. I bought some nice colourful papers and I thought that Origami was about to bend some papers in a nice way and that is it. Well, it has taken me a long time to be able to have some nice ORIGAMI work. But, finally, I managed two of them and I shared them with my family .

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