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Friday, August 31, 2012

Sunny Midsummer day at Buckinghamshire

After our summer holidays in Thailand - where cars have no heaters, just air conditioning - we arrived to Barcelona.

There, surprisingly, temperature was even higher than in Koh Samui!! Tired from a long plane travel from Bangkok to Helsinki and from there to Barcelona we unpacked all our stuff and specially all the nice presents our Cafemiffy made to us.

I was especially lucky, because my friends brought me this beautiful and adorable small white rabbit.

He wanted to go around Barcelona, but rabbits (specially white ones) don’t like beaches and sun.

A few days ago we took a plane again and now we are in United Kingdom enjoying a mix of rain & sun that people of this area (around 100 km North of London) call “Midsummer”.

We are in a beautiful red brick two stories typical house with a nice garden, so what could be better than some afternoon picnic?

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