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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cheap flights - Combat mode ON!

You have been warned, this is not a blog about flowers or a place we got stupid phones and we made a nice review.

We're on ward against stupid morons, specially those whose glasses we don't like for any particular reason. I am a rabbit left over by my grandfather in a stinky warehouse in HK and my step father is driving a 82 Ford Escort.

So, Let's go 

Funny things you can do prior to your flight to get the most of people that’s no funny at all.

Let’s face it, low cost means pain, in their miserable world a passenger is like a pig or a chicken that just sit there until delivered.

Someone told me, the solution is not travelling with them, and believe me that Mr. Ryanair has not seen a dime from me in my whole life.

But a more elaborate plan requires some Sabotage.

Read all the rules – changing rules- about allowances and manage them wisely, time slots are expensive and you can be the – X factor – between profits and losses.

If you have paid for a suitcase, or two, just make sure that this is full.

Let’s talk about stupidity, you are allowed to fly with 23 kilograms each, and if you fly with 30 kilograms for a party of three, you pay 7 kilograms extra. 

Try to fly with 23 kilograms, or even more weight on your cabin allowance, if possible check in a miserable umbrella or any stupid thing you find in a dust bin – my favourite piece is a microwave pack that suits the dimensions and weight-

Why?, once you checked the thing, they’ll wait for you. Add 30 minutes to the boarding time. They will need to remove your stuff from the plane, and this will cost them money, the money they try to get from you when they ask 3.50 euros for a coke.

Put extra weight on it, don’t be a stupid thinking about emissions, you have paid for that, use the maximum allowance, get yellow pages, bricks or buy salt like I did for a balance. Not having 23 kilograms is unfair and nasty.

More aggressive behaviour is taking a nasty and greasy back British bacon sandwich with garlic mayonnaise on board, you paid for the flight, who the hell says you can not eat on board your shit.

Little things can be the difference, think twice, your wise behaviour can put them on red, and that’s the way. They tried to mess with you, but they did not sort the mother***er they were messing with.

Bravo!  and my watch says CITIZEN - a good one!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miffa's tribute to Sylvia Kristell

It happens that the actress Sylvia Kristell was born in Holland, like grandma.

For obvious reasons i have no relationship with my grandma, since she is an arrogant old lady who is only concerned about money and lawyers.

But while in Wales we were in an old hotel where they had a "Indian Peafowl" chair that gained great fame thank to the movie Emmanuelle.

Those ladies weren't with me but Father Bunny developed a sudden sense for English tea and tea cookies.

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Monday, October 01, 2012

More Wales – Swansea and Tenby

During our stay in UK we decided to optimize transportation and thus we were in a place that is well known for being just in the middle of all the routes.

London, Southwest, Southeast, North, The Midlands, all these places are around 2 hundred something miles away from our place.

Driving in UK is not a pleasant activity, lot of cars, road works, bad weather, lot of detours, traffic cameras…

The above means that two hundred and something miles are almost four hundred kilometres and four to five hours to arrive your destination. 
We were forced to split our Welsh -one day express trip- into a -two days explorer expedition- in order to visit a decent place that would pay for the time and gas used.

Forget anything you have heard about Swansea, just don’t stop there and move North towards Tenby and around.

Above: Swansea's beach at low tide

Above: Our place at Tenby's - a nice old hotel built
 on the site of an ancient monastery

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The Great British Summer (we’re not kidding)

With so many pictures to display, enjoy and comment, one sometimes miss several nice ones.

Prior to our trip to Thailand, we were in UK. Obviously we were “invited” to go there rather than we desired to go, but anyways…

I managed to make some good friends there, like Rosie – Belgium- and a bunch of cows made out concrete!!!!

 Planes, gas stations and traffic lights close to HRG airport
 You know Rosie, the Belgian hare? Nice fur that I envy
 We manage to drive high output luxury cars like this MB S-Class
And a lot of "non bunnie family" friends came with me on asisgnment
Bunnies were there - the boat project

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