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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What I have done in 2013 - Part 1

2013 has been one of this years you will like to forget, and as all the things you don't enjoy it has proven extremely long, despite it had 365 days as all the normal years.

I spent my last 2012 days in Japan and so i did with my first 2013 ones celebrating that my father got his senior citizen status.

We usually fly from The Netherlands and so we pay a respectful visit to
Old Grandma at Schipol airport, where she stills make good sales

After some terrible journey - this if flying today with KLM / Air France -
we took the Limo bus and we arrive to OUR hotel in Tokyo.
 I don't know why but my father fell in love with Shiodome and Park Hotel
 and we have been regular guest since our second visit to Tokyo

I cannot complaint about the views from our room

Ironically Tokyo Tower has not been in our favorite's list but after six months
 we spent some time there when 2013 showed his nasty face

Our first day in Tokyo was for visiting its famous Asakusa Shrine

This was taken in Kiddyland - a famous toy store in Tokyo's center -

Something was telling me that 2013 will be a year devoted to 4 wheels...

But, of course, we had the opportunity to try some nice food, even FB and
 me tried Tsujiki market famous sushi thanks to our friends from Cafemiffy 

My father got some interest sin road bikes

And I was invited to the new A380 cabin

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