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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A new home for Miffa Chan

Family picture saying good bye to our home

For almost a year, exactly ten months an twenty days I have been living in the very center of Barcelona, Rambla de Catalunya with Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes.

It was a nice old building with high ceilings but rather small and untidy. Our corridor was plenty of unopened boxes with our stuff from our prior house. One day Father Bunny made a picture of my – a very big one- on that wall made of boxes.

When I started to blog I described my self like
“a little bunny from Hong Kong who lives at Barcelona in
a nice apartment were the sea can be viewed”
Obviously from my second home and living on a first floor the sea can not be viewed…

It was noisy, with lot of people singing and partying outside in the Rambla, uncomfortable – Me and my sisters and friends did not have our private room-, but of course living there has been a nice experience.

Miffa and Miguelona inspecting last boxes prior to final transportation

Now finally after much more time that we have expected we have moved to a new House, bigger, nicer, taller, quieter, with a private room for us and my guest.

But may be, may be we will miss our previous home for a while.

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