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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Draculina and Father Bunny will run in www.cursabombers.com

On September 28th 2003 Father Bunny ended his first attempt to run the Marathon. After several month training almost 50-60 kilometers a week he managed to finish the 2003 Barcelona half marathon in 1:43:28.

This was his better result in an athletic running event.

I must admit that I did not believe him when he told us about his past. We laugh and he got mad and run to search inside his closet. He proudly showed us his 2003 Mizuno wave rider IV and his training log book, together with his trail Mizuno Wildwood

For a real rabbit like me – capable of running over 50 km/h without much effort- his less than five minutes to cover a kilometre is not a great record, even poorer if you compare his speed with the 72 km/h my cousins – European Hares- can achieve. But I admit covering long distances is not a rabbit best ability.

So, we decided to bet with Father Bunny and Mother Bunny. He will run the next certified 10 km competition held in Barcelona in less than 52 minutes. And when we made the deal that was just a couple of month to achieve the challenge.

Five years older than last time and far from his best physical conditions we thought he will refuse but after the first month we began to worry about he running 10 to 14 kilometres at good pace.

He has suffered from tendinitis on his left ankle due to overtraining and this week he has taken Aspirin to deal with some sort of flu.

We think he will run, so we have decided Draculina will ran with him, just to take care of him and to be the youngest rabbit who has entered in a 10 km run.

Note: You can see Father Bunny’s gear. May be he is not in good shape but he has invested a lot of euros to renew his gear (Mizuno wave rider X and Wave Ascend II)
Do you want to bet with us????

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