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Monday, June 23, 2008

A miracle happened today.

Hyper-media-ocrity · You don’t need to ·Emerge from nothing
You don’t need to · Tear away · You don’t need to · Tear away
Feels good · Looks good ·Sounds good ·Looks good ·Feels good too
Feels good too · (Uh-huh that’s right)

Being a little bunny is not easy®, living in a country that tends to overdo things is even harder. Spanish soccer team has been in the elite of this sport at least the last fifteen years, but has not conquered any major trophy in that time, just deceptions.

A young Father Bunny was in Boston (USA) in 1994 and he witnessed the defeat of Spain by Italy. He was pretty involved in the match and he really paid a high price – he watched the match in Univision, where the Mexican speaker looked like Moctezuma’s new incarnation – for a poor result.

Today we have just relaxed ourselves and we really did not care about the match. But Spain finally won the match thanks to one man called Iker Casillas – surely world best goalkeeper- and fate, luck, a sudden movement made by a goddess called Fortune helped.

To show my gratitude to this goddess, this is me risking my life bathing at Illes Medes.

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