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Monday, November 21, 2005

Miffa wants a degree in subvertising

A few days ago I heard a conversation within father and uncle bunny about brands. Me, as a little bunny that I am, have no idea about it so I asked both of them about the meaning of this word

Uncle bunny said –“ a brand can be defined as a set of symbols, than can be both visual and phonetic that are associated with a company, product, service…”

Father bunny interrupted him and replied “ yeah, right but do not forget miffa that the important thing behind that is the set of expectations that are built upon that brand”

And uncle bunny added “ there’s no brand without public notoriety so the visual and cognitive function must be present and be strong enough..”
Father replied

but the latest tendencies showed us that a brand and its set of expectations must destroy the individual conscience to make the people experiment the values exposed by the brand itself”

and then added

“a good brand is like a virus with enough ability to widespread and to mutate as fast as tendencies change”

I could not believe what my little bunny ears were listening to. Brands are like viruses that inoculate into peoples mind and control them. “We need a vaccine” I said very loud.

“Do not worry Miffa, there are some” said father bunny, one of them is SUBVERTISING

Wikipedia says: “Subvertising refers to the practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate and political advertisements in order to make a statement. This can take the form of a new image, or an alteration to an existing image.”

So, uncle bunny showed me some computer skill with image manipulation and image composition software and I spent almost all this weekend researching this new area of art. SUBVERTISING.

Here you can find noce examples made by other global subveted bunnies:

Another piece of paper on the subject:


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