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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How long it will take for a flower to growth?

Spring is here, actually a week ago, so Mother bunny bought some nice flowers to adorn our garden. Miffu and me adore flowers and plants, but Miffu really doesn’t know that not all plants are good for little bunnies.

This is the first time Miffu appears in my blog, but it will not be the last one. Having a little sister is a lot of fun but a lot of extra work for the bigger bunny.

She was so excited when she saw the flowers that she jumped and got into the plants breaking some of them and eating some too.

Anyways we got a lot of fun, we're willing for our new companion Nabaztag

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

A nice hotel review : HPDA

Hpam that stands for Hotel Puerta de America is according to them “ Much more than an hotel […] is an hotel made of the stuff dreams are made of : talent, inventiveness, madness, sanity.. a real dream come true.

And yes, Miffa here it is the review old Father Bunny did after that long weekend in Madrid. I feel sad because you did not wanted to come, but really you did not miss a lot.

I really booked a room in the 8th although I was advised over the phone “we can not assure u floor ability cause from time to time we need to close some of them for repair” - Oh men that really scared me .

I arrived at 18:00 and, apart from the feeling that everything is still under construction, the lobby is quite nice. Ok, I felt a little bit stupid trying to find the main entrance, but as the bellboy told me “It’s normal everyone have the same problem”

So the first problem happened, no room, so after checking out in a nice photo album the menu I decided to get one designed by Zaha Nahid (first floor, that bothered me)

You must use your card to use the lift, security reasons… when the door opens one can admire the vortex (or so) lamp, nice, but be careful because you can severe damage yourself with it. And surely the bill will be huge.

Everything is white (although you can choose black and orange too) this is nice as there’s plenty of light, but as the bell boy pointed, “ beware profile is not perceived well and many people hit their head with the ceiling or the walls” Thanks boy!

Bang and Olufsen Phones, Plasma TV, it’s not The Peninsula but is not bad at 180 euro per night. Ah, I forgot: a nice warning note informing you that if any was removed from the room the will charge you.

Everything is made from a material from LG (yes Life is Good) called LG Hi Macs that simulate stone. Zaha Nahid made quite a good job, but as usual a interior design terrorist like me (viva the function and not the form) has several concerns about this new ultra fashion, famous archifuckers, ultra cool spaces:

  • Just in front one of Madrid’s more congested motorbikes so a lot of noise
  • Nice top terrace but anything you order is more than 6 euro.
  • Spa, gym and pool. Just ridiculous for a 5 star hotel.
  • Top floor again, designers place men and women sign on black over black doors, so no one founded the right place. No problem a nice piece of paper and that it.
  • Breakfast, 25 euro each person, nice restaurant, plenty of design but may be the designer was 150 cm tall, if not u just had a nightmare to place your dish and try not to gain some spots over your tie. Quality of the food? Not much better than any NHHotel
  • “le finition” – yes Miffa I don’t speak French but you don’t too so stop teasing me- You can check out the picture. Abosutel no words..
  • Nice closet, when you opened it you discovered that you don’t have enough room to hang just your weekend clothes, just image having too share it with a shoe freak like Mother Bunny
  • Beauty kit that silken (Hotel owner) places in the bathroom is just ridiculous (2 star rating)
  • Pity of the poor room assistants than clean the room, it’s impossible not to convert the bathroom in a real pool.
  • And many more, but I thinks it’s enough

Yes Miffa, there were some good thing too, but they pretend me to charge me 6 euro an hour to use Wi-Fi.


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Thursday, March 23, 2006

CutMiffa is born

As you know I was dating for sometime with Cutnejo and I still do but some people every single time noticed some differences between me and him.
I’m almost three times bigger than him and while I’m kind of rounded bunny he is kind of cutting edge one.

Father bunny thought that, after producing our winter cutnejo gear, a CutMiffa will be next…

Unfortunately legal stuff and poor ability to produce origami figures delayed several times our aim to release a CutMiffa.

But a Japanese artist
Kei Craft made this work, that I founded at Paper Kraft. According to this blog he was commissioned by Asahi.com […] Japan likes cute and cuddly animal characters like Miffy and Miffa.

Here they are CutMiffa & Cutnejo with a lousy picture of them pretending to be in Maldives.

Please Father Bunny my fans claim for more quality.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

nabaztag: not really the first smart bunny

A colleague of Father Bunny, called Alex Rabbit, send him an email about a new smart bunny called Nabztag.

“ May be a good companion for Miffa” said him.

Father bunny and I were looking for some info about that bunny. He is French but speaks English too (sure with that typical strong French accent like Inspector Clouseau), he is also a computer geek addicted to wi-fi networks and is able to communicate with humans using latest technology… more

After some time I decided to order one (mother bunny will bring me one) but really two days after the initial rush I think:

  • He is not the first smart rabbit, sure I am (sorry Miffu but I was born first)
  • May be it’s another ways to promote the Pajeros’ fon network (said father bunny)
  • Would you take your plastic wi-fi bunny with you in a 9000 km trip inside rural China, and would you sleep with in a night train as Father Bunny and me did????

Me, Miffy and my cousin have no limits and him does!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Delirum Tremens Chocolate Cake Recipe

Few days ago Father Bunny had a business lunch with the company he has been working for long time in San Sebastian. In a certain part of the conversation Father bunny told them that his little bunnies (Miffu and me) have a restaurant and sometime we publish some recipes in our blog, in fact the first time we did that was when he had that nice carrot cream that we overperform

A very nice girl called Patricia gave father bunny a “blow mind” super secret chocolate cake recipe and we will introduce it in our menu.


  • Half pound (225 gr.) Fondant Chocolate. Almost one full tablet
  • One quarter pound (125 gr.) butter
  • Two eggs
  • Up to three tablespoons sugar (75 gr) but we suggest you to use just one (25 gr) just to reduce chocolate bitterness.
  • Another suggestion is to add one shot of brandy


Melt chocolate and butter slowly directly in cooker or preferably “a la bain-marie”

Whisk the eggs with the sugar and add it to the melted chocolate, (add brandy if desired).

Prepare the mould using some butter (over its surface) to facilitate un-moulding, add the whole mix and place it inside the oven at 350 F (180 º C) for half an hour. We suggest you to place foil paper over the mould during the fist fifteen minutes and to remove it for the last fifteen.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

My teddy and Father Bunny wild weekend in Madrid

Father bunny's partner - Mr. Yesu - at the event organized by him

As I’ve told u several times Father Bunny works in an area called marketing. Past week something similar to a “Direct Marketing National Meeting” took place in Madrid Iman06.

Additionally Father Bunny was hired to organize an event in
Expooptica 2006. There new lenses, frames and all kind off stuff related to optics were presented and discussed.

At first one could probably think that the first one is much more important, big and fun, but as he told me you will be totally wrong.

Father Bunny invited me and
Miffu to both events, he tried to convince us saying we will be at Hotel Puerta de America (a new ultra modern hotel) but we preferred another option: just simply to stay at home.

Anyways as in other occasions I gave my teddy to Father Bunny just to be accompanied those days.

Father bunny told me some adventures but I’d rather prefer him to tell you.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Miffa and Miffu Restaurant

I’ve not introduced Miffu to all of you because she is extremely shy and now as bigger bunny I will protect her.

Soon I will do it, but I would tell you that Father and Mather bunny adopted her in Honk Kong just a year and one day after my birthday.

Now I need to share things with my little sister and sometimes it’s not easy. Anyways I decided to do it and for that reason now I’m sharing my restaurant with her.

We tried to innovate in our debut but the results were not as expected. We thought our elite approach with highest off the highest price and quality was outdated and quality for money was a new trend. We bought the same quality, cooked it in the same way, may be our cellar was offering mid level wines but price was under 100 $...

Now we’re reinventing ourselves with a new proposal where sensorial experiences melt, this is beyond taste and visual, every sense humans and bunnies have must be addressed to create the ultimate experience in a restaurant.

Mother bunny will be our first guest (of course she will pay full rate!)

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Being a famous bunny is not easy

I would like to continue with this new blogging trend that – in a nutshell- is designed to inform you how cool I am and how much effort and luck you would need to be one of my servants.

Apart from all the fuck*ng shit those people normally wrote. I’ am complaining about everyone’s right to be just plain vanilla (that means uncomplicated).

In a taxi (china) with my special outfit, no Rolls royce but i made that deal

A lot of years ago some people discovered how to deal with that, show off, to make more money to tell stupid things, etc. See www.hello.com

Marketing strategies in the buzz and guerrilla fields are really more advanced than Father bunny told me!

Nice luxury restaruant, isn't it?


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