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Friday, March 03, 2006

Miffa and Miffu Restaurant

I’ve not introduced Miffu to all of you because she is extremely shy and now as bigger bunny I will protect her.

Soon I will do it, but I would tell you that Father and Mather bunny adopted her in Honk Kong just a year and one day after my birthday.

Now I need to share things with my little sister and sometimes it’s not easy. Anyways I decided to do it and for that reason now I’m sharing my restaurant with her.

We tried to innovate in our debut but the results were not as expected. We thought our elite approach with highest off the highest price and quality was outdated and quality for money was a new trend. We bought the same quality, cooked it in the same way, may be our cellar was offering mid level wines but price was under 100 $...

Now we’re reinventing ourselves with a new proposal where sensorial experiences melt, this is beyond taste and visual, every sense humans and bunnies have must be addressed to create the ultimate experience in a restaurant.

Mother bunny will be our first guest (of course she will pay full rate!)

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