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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A bunny guide to visit Amsterdam

Father bunny actually hates this city, it’s not anything about the city itself and more about circumstances (he told me) anyway he has been there quite a few times, mostly in business trips but last time he took me with him.

A friend of us, Pat Bunny asked Father Bunny for some advice, but he totally ruined his laptop and he lost all his data….

Thank good I’m an ultra efficient little bunny that collected all kind of info for other bunny travellers.

So here we go.

We assume you ‘re going to stay just a couple of days, may be three maximum, so we will focus just in Amsterdam center (centrum).

  • Getting directions in this city is not easy, too many channels and two many circle streets are confusing.
  • Central station is meeting point no 1
  • Focus on centrum means inner part delimited by Amstel Channel
  • They charge you for a map, but you can get some nice ones free (pointed Papa that belong to “Closed fist brotherhood”)
  • Museums are a must in this city, but long lines to enter arise. Be patient
  • Prices are similar than in you country (Europe) but double check! (come on! Father bunny leave future travel alone !)

Before getting there , you‘d better check


How to get

This is a big problem, don’t ask me for advice , I had a lot of problems with Iberia and Father Bunny got mad. So mad that Iberia paid us 250 euro to get rid of us.

Once you arrive to Schipool airport, try to get a bus. Ok, you’re not in the mood and you want to spend abut 100 €, take a taxi. Nice Mercedes with GPS though.

Trains run every 10 minutes (airport train schedule) from platforms 1 and 2 in the main arrival plaza and cost just € 3.40 for a single journey. Have change on hand to use the ticket machines to avoid the lines and € 0.50 surcharge at the ticket office


You can find a nice hotel in the center for about 100 €, we do not recommend to get one in the suburbs (because you will loose money & time). If you have time and patience try some internet hotel reservation tools. We suggest to check Nh hotels

Moving around

Use a rented bicycle, it’s fun and cheap, or use the trams - see below. If you have time and you’re a good traveller, not as Father bunny, check this site and then get a City Pass

Not to miss

We suggest you to rent a bike, it’s not cheap, but affordable and it will give you the ability to move faster and to integrate yourself into the city’s mood. But beware cycling there is not easy, cheaper bikes (guess what Father Bunny rented) are tricky if you are not used to (braking) and a must is to buy the mega-premium insurance.

Bike robbers are everywhere so make sure you understand the instructions they gave you. Always use all the lockers they provided or you’ll en paying for a Mercedes and not for a bike.
Natives are not very polite when cycling so, expect to hear them yelling and ringing you as hell. (I really can’t understand what Father bunny said about that)

  • Rent from well know places as www.bikecity.nl
  • Secure your bike the best you will be able to do (both tyres and frame to a pole)


They’re definitely the essence of this city. Get a pass, and if you’re in Central Station get the circular line that gives you a tourist panorama view of the city for very little money.



Rijksmuseum: may be it is not fully open but it’s collection –Masterpieces- is a must. Father Bunny said that has nothing to do against “El Prado” and really we were in line for a lot of time for just some stuff. Anyways a must.

Van Gogh museum: up to you, if you like his work, go ahead, but entry fees and lines are stratospheric, so u decide. Nice spot and surrounding area. A must to see and to be according to all city guides check here

Science centre NEMO: We wanted to go there, but we had not the time to go. A must if you travel with children. Attractions change regularly, check the homepage to get the latest word.

Maritime Museum: a former arsenal of the Dutch Navy, over 300 years old. Another nice spot to visit that we missed.

Stedelijk Museum: is the city's modern and contemporary art museum, We have not been there, so is up to you again

Anne Frank house: we just decided not to visit, (Father bunny said it was a rip off)


Flower market: nice and colourful, hundreds of tulips that you can buy and try to make them grow. No nice ultra sweet carrot though…

Dam square: In the very centre and heart of Amsterdam, you will pass several time by this place

Rembrandtplein: A nice place to have dinner or have a drink during the evening, there’s a nh hotel there, but may be very expensive and too noisy

Red light district: Every time is more concentrated in just a couple of streets. Personally I did not like it. Loud British drinking beer in the pubs and in the streets, sex shop and sex shows with – we saw a complete bus of Chinese businessmen queing- and hookers inside windows with red light. No pictures are allowed and some streets are not very safe by night.

Coffe shops: Plenty of them with a crowd of adolescents paying tribute to Mr. Marley (Bob).

Canal cruises:
A must, but pay a little more and get inside a nice boat where a regular (but nice) supper is served with live music. Enjoyable even if your little bunny is coming with you.

Heineken beer experience: if you like beer and want to know how they made it.

Diamond stores: Free tour, close to Van Gogh museum store. Interesting

Nijntje store: you will find a lot of Miffy merchandise but no one so beatiful like Miffu and Me

More: ask Miffa and she will answer you question


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  • Hey did u like Amsterdam? I liked it. Well I like your blog and I'll come back. Check out my blog at my-life-page.blogspot.com

    By Blogger Boat, at 7/03/2006 04:19:00 pm  

  • Hi Boat,

    I enjoyed it somehow the first time i was there but after several visits for several reasons now i really don't like it very much.

    By Blogger Miffa, at 7/04/2006 10:03:00 am  

  • Hi~I'm visiting Amsterdam.
    And I'm wondering where can I find the Miffy Store?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/13/2006 06:29:00 am  

  • De winkel van nijntje Amsterdam
    Beethovenstraat, 71, 1077 HP
    Phone 31 (0) 20 - 6719707

    they open Mo-Sa from 10-18 except monday (13-18)

    It's not located in the centrum but no far away riding a bike.

    I suggest Google maps to get an overview and/or directions from your place.

    Say hello to old Grandma Miffy!!!

    By Blogger Miffa, at 12/13/2006 10:05:00 am  

  • Red Light District is a lifetime experience!
    But, to be sure to have a unforgettable time, you should check out this The Amsterdam Red Light Guide

    By Blogger Jack, at 8/18/2010 07:51:00 pm  

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