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Friday, May 26, 2006

Isn’t cruel to be in love?

After my first really bad experience with the pink rabbit (he was so big and me so young ,and many people warned me about that…)

I tried to find a companion to share fresh lettuce with. It was pink too and very handsome, but he cheated me with the first one that just said hello to him.

Then I met Cutnejo and we spent a good time in several adventures. We went to Switzerland to ski, to China, etc

Today I have seen the new Vogue eyewear campaign, indeed I saw that campaign several weeks before but I did not see that nice creature, that nice snow white skin like mine, those beautiful eyes.

Vogue hired him to participate in a big eyewear campaign across Europe in which the new prescription models are introduced.

By the way the model is using one of those acetate / ethanoate awful frames that normally use modern people


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Thursday, May 25, 2006

MTV, Buzz marketing and Aston Martins

After some time reading about them and some further r+d that proved me that this campaign is one of the biggest hits, I made myself some questions...

I have been really concerned about the ability that mega ad agencies have to convince clients to spend several thousand millions in a campaign.

Money + some ideas + scandal can give you the opportunity to succeed.

What it really disturbs me is:

  • That lame obsession to render all this kind of shit as “below the line”
  • If you go after a lame segment you´ll get nice response (but no €)
  • We are more idiot now than a month ago
  • Buzz is increasingly being used (but do we really need that

But all that shit will be under control if the community will be active enough to dilute those actions.

A nice example is found here, I really want to thank those guys for their effort.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Miffa overdid things: How I met the Abuse gang

Please boys and girls do not try to do this at home. A professional pilot under controlled ambient is performing this dangerous trick. (Great care has taken to minimize enviromental damage) Picture by Cytek

Some time ago, as an extra effort to integrate into my new country, Father Bunny decided that I must learn the local languages. As a way for me to practice I began to read and to eventually post in other blogs.

One of then, often referred in the Spanish blogosphere as “One of the most boring expressions of the post modern and avant-garde movement” – I did it Father !!! I managed to do a quite nice translation for overseas fanss !! Is Abuse magazine blog.

But then I realized that one of my favourite’s blog headers of all my bogging life was done by the wifiblanes crew. Yes it’s here
by obvious reasons. And surprisely they were there too.

At the end, Mother Bunny’s efforts to convince father bunny to go there and to let me go (Father Bunny is very concerned about my outdoor activities after the Hurghada incident).

We went to Abuse Media corporate building where Mr. Corrosco, founder and CEO offered me a very refreshing carrot juice and Mother and Father Bunny Pine apple juice and milk…????? (never, ever in my life I have seen that before, sure they were hiding something)

We met some Council members too, but father bunny is a disaster and he can’t remember all the names… (my God)

After that we proceeded to a restaurant that scored really badly in my SBS (Smart Bunny Shopper index).

There, we met more people and adults started to drink barley juice (I was told that more than 4,000 years ago they did that in special occasions).

Miffa, while Father Bunny in WC is holded and she is enjoying the big party

I met a lot of new nice people, and they were, very, very, very nice to me.

Thank you a lot I really love you all.


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Friday, May 12, 2006

“Le lapin communicant”: Nabaztag and Chan family

Review made by Father Bunny - updated see below

Just after a couple of months since our first review we now own a Nabaztag bunny, a Wi-fi device that supposedly will be the first step in a new wireless world. A lot of people is doing research in wireless networks and similar concepts applied to human relationships.

It seems that the future is going to be ruled by “invisible” networks that will play a very important part in human relationships as never before.

"Humans tend to avoid real relationships as the big companies did some years before. They try to automate them to save time, physical contact or paying attention!!!"

Anyways we are really incurring in the risk that every time we would like to communicate with our friends or other people, we would be really talking to an IVR machine that will ask us “please after the signal tell me why u are calling”

And now: Nabaztag

Mother bunny bought him in Paris at a nice price tag of 112 €. No stocks in Fnac, no memory about him at Virgin…

After opening it, it looks nice but is just plastic and really not premium quality.

Ok Miffa, This is the typical device made in China, but let’s explore more about it.

  • Configuration (the easy way) requires a wireless router connected to the internet with DHCP and no WEP encryption
  • I assume wireless and DHCP are de facto standard but…. No encryption????
  • Who the hell is not using encryption
  • Enclosed configuration details are just unacceptable …
  • DO NOT ENTER YOUR SN WRONG or your bunny will refuse to connect forever
  • Their site was loading very slowly… several free – non useful- services were collapsed
  • Free services are worth nothing, 120 euro for a totally non useful toy
  • Etc, etc

So the SBS (Smart Bunny Shopper) final recommendation is to buy a nice PDA for 200 € and you will have more services , more fun and a portable device to use everywhere.

May be the future will take several journeys to come, Miffa, and by far you can really do more and be more. A pity that your old grand mother is trying to f*ck you and me, and so many as us.

Father bunny

Send Miffa a message, a sound, move her Nabaztag's ears... [here]

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Miffa’s X-Treme Tour

Miffa training to certify as long haul vessel captain
As I told you in a previous post we have set several Bunny World Records (“Records del Mundo Conejo”). Sometimes this causes me a lot of unwanted stress and unnecessary danger to my life.

May be, father bunny is trying to push me for doing things that he wanted to do but he never was capable of doing, And past time in El Cairo Egypt I had a severe accident that really conditioned my activities program for that trip.

But, soon after my first severe injure in Hurghada (Egypt), I realised that I have really beaten up several world records and no bunny from nowhere has been capable of performing such actions. This is how I decided to forgive Father Bunny and to create the Miffa’s Xtreme Tour and Challenge.

A restless events program in which Miffa, Miffu and my Teddy will participate in the most bizarre, dangerous and out of this world activities.

Challengers and wranglers are welcome: send your material to: miffu@miffa.net

Miffa defies one of the wildest and more dangerous
creatures of Rabbit world a hunting dog


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