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Friday, October 20, 2006

How beauty is made, Gisele, The White Bunny, beauty and me.

After watching the dove spot in Evasee’s blog I had some good ideas for something that Father Bunny is planning. Who knows if that will be done or will not.

Well, it’s a matter of funds, Miffa - said him.

And while he was planning I tried to search for the Vogue eyewear campaign starred by that angelical creature from other planet, so delicate, so nice, so white.

And I founded. Yes. Here it’s. You have to wait a little bit because the good things are, normally, at the end.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

A big party for the best bunny on earth.

Ok, that’s right, being a little bunny is not easy but neither being his father is a bed of roses.

In a few days Miffa will post what it will be her 100 th post and I want to celebrate this event. Miffa started his blogger career past November and since then she has been the best bunny blogger in the blogosphere. There are other bunnies blogging out there but no one like Miffa.

As many of you know her new bunny sisters Miffu, Miffe and Miff are a new, and great, responsibility for her. Yes, Miffa has grown up during this time, many adventures, many bunny friends but greater responsibilities.

A few days ago some friends gave me a clue about the most “bunny” way of celebrating this event. I will think about it. But meanwhile I will ask you for some advice.

Of course I will make a Miffa Shapped cake.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yes, I did it, I watched Miami Vice, the movie.

Fortunately Father Bunny convinced Mother Bunny several weeks ago and they went to the cinema to watch that movie while I was at home.

But unfortunately Father Bunny “got” the DVD and a couple of weeks ago I was “forced” to watch it.

You, my fans, know that I’ve been busy those past weeks so... ¿Can you imagine flying from Punta Cana just to end watching this movie with my Father? So is life – he will say…

Ok. The movie. Well, I must admit that Mr. Mann had and has his own peculiar style. During the 80’s his video clip, advertising, formula was a hit. Lately his hyper mega reality action scenes, as seen in Heat and Collateral, were a nice evolution from the slow motion scenes we saw in Miami Vice.

I must say that event the best action movie directors can be boring after a couple of films (Who was Jonh Woo and who us now after all those pigeons coming and that Mexican standings)

But still Mann is one of the best movie director mixing music and action. And some of his art can be watched in this movie…

The movie is “neither fish nor flesh” aka “poor” if you compare it with the original TV series characters were funnier and deeper, a cool & fun atmosphere were there and more people and less technology were there.

Sonny Crocket was a nice bastard, and now is a puppy with mules, and Ricardo, once the funny guy from Jamaica, is a fucking shooter trained in boat riding and high speed driving.

· Hell, they drive f430, M6, use high tech from the FBI and CIA, ride carbon
fiber boats, pilot planes….

¿How much the Miami Police is paying them?

A Chinese girl – they now where the big market is- starring, a guy from Galicia as the bad Calderone –who is reading some new from the owner of Inditex- and stupid thing about boats with the navigation lights just the other way around (left is red and right is green), and some extra items make that the overall juice will be just: Fair.

Some action scenes are cool but that’s it. We have seen them a lot of time in a fucking Frankenheimer film.

PS: don’t miss the video.
PS1: that thing, even nowadays it cost about 60.000 euro and can move you about 40-60 knots!
PS2: that thing uses 150 to 300 litres in 100 miles.


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Monday, October 09, 2006

Miffa’s Bu-Fi network (Bunny Fidelity) and convergent devices

As an additional note to my first academic paper I would like to share with you some ideas and comments that have arisen since the paper abstract was published.

The idea was born when Mother Bunny bought her new state of the art HTC TyTN, the new ultimate convergent device with a lot of features (PDA, 3G phone, Wi-fi Bluetooth, etc). After some research here and there I made the big mistake of asking Father Bunny about it.

It happened somehow like that. We were in Madrid airport after a nice journey doing business in Madrid and as other times I noticed that most of the people waiting for the plane were using some kind of device frenetically.

- Father Bunny, Father bunny what are they doing with this electric shaver shaped device- I said.
- They are using their Blackberries to get and answer emails from their offices – said him
- And ¿why we are not using ours? – I replied
- We don’t have one, Miffa, while in transit we just must concentrate in what it really matters
- And what is that, father – I replied with a strong feeling that he was getting upset.
- It depends on what your preferences in life are, what you want to do, what is your real know how, and your spirit… Blah, Blah

At this point I thought that we were not good enough as to have one of that electric shaver convergent device, even more thought that my father was not important enough to have one (no one called him to his mobile)

So I asked Mother Bunny to buy me the best, latest, most powerful device to stay always in touch with my business, friends and the complete world. My Vertu is a nice phone with a nice shape but it has no camera, no 3g, no email, nothing!!!

A couple of weeks ago I got my device, I was excited and after reading some tips inside the manual I put it into my purse.

But next week was a real nightmare with a Bunny like me – I mean with my intense social life- Let me summarize you some of my activities:

- Wednesday: a meeting with our friend Teresa to give her a present from my last tryp (Australia). Then we drove a convertible sport car for her place to Barcelona and I meet Professor Garrido in person (a virtual reality guru)
- Thursday: having tea and riding horses with my bunny friends at Club de Polo
- Friday: Doing important business in a Benneteau Oceanis clipper 40 yacht, a problem occurred and we did most of the return trip by night.
- Saturday: I took a plane to visit Ibiza with Mother Bunny and we had a nice dinner with some designers and artists from all over the world.

I tried to stay in touch with my friends sending emails and even I tried to post using my wi-fi device. But sometimes no network was available, others you need to type in a tiny keyboard, the 2 megapixels camera lens is not good, battery last only a day….

And the worst thing – you can not concentrate in what it’s really important: enjoying what you are doing –

So I must admit that I have returned the device to the seller and now may be my Father’s words were not so useless as I thought. Furthermore I would say that the best convergence device that you can have it is the one I have.

A P(D)A Personal Direct Assistant

If I want to read my email I just ask my Father, Mother, Miffu, Miffe or my Vertus concierge to do, tickets they will book them for me… and so on. Even I can ask Father Bunny to post for me…Besides they provide me some love (hate) in every interaction.

Who has the best convergence device…? Of course me.

So, after some news follow up during last weeks with PajerosFon, Pajillerosnet, 20megasnidecoña, Naranjasdelcaribe trying to shape the way we will communicate in the next years I decided to remove some funds from my Swiss account and..

Miffa’s Bu-Fi network (Bunny Fidelity) will be launched.

- No fees – Gratis - Kostenloss
- No need to buy crappy stuff
- Love & Care


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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The unknown gentleman at the “One thousand and one night” restaurant at Ibiza

By Mother Bunny

Miffa asked me to take her to Ibiza. I was so surprised … Miffa, what the hell you want to do at Ibiza ? Ibiza is a tiny island at the Mediterranean sea packed with crazy people dancing 24hr a day. This is not the right place for a little bunny, I told her.
But, Miffa insisted on going and on a blind date with a “ gentleman “

I could not deny that wish to her , so, I bought two tickets, I booked a nice hotel on the countryside and we left early on Saturday morning

We spent the day sunbathing, visiting Ibiza´ s old town and around 7.00pm we got the a phone call in order to inform us about place and time for Miffa´s blind date

Miffa asked me to take her to the hotel. She had a wonderful relaxing bath, she changed her clothes, she had a carrot juice at the terrace

And there go … 22.30 hr we arrived at San Rafel and we waited in front of the restaurant.

Miffa said at one point, look , this is the nice gentleman who wants to meet me.

He asked us to follow him and we entered into an awesome restaurant . It was like being in the one thousand and one night …. Then , we met his friends … They all were so kind to Miffa … They proposed to eat “couscous” to Miffa. I was quite relunctant to that, as she is a-three-year old bunny … but , Miffa wanted to accept that suggestion coming from such a nice gentleman

Well, I cannot tell you more … Miffa had a great time and she has invited him at Barcelona.


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