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Friday, March 16, 2007

How to be a good motorist by our own Steve McQueen: Paco Costas

Father Bunny's new job as a gas smuggler in Irak

Sometimes you can not imagine how difficult is to have a step father from a totally different culture. Let’s say in my new country there is somehow a “missing link” between the previous generation and my father’s.

My friend Evasèe posted an article in big Corrosco’s blog about one of my Father’s most bizarre favourite TV shows.

So, he has been watching all the chapters several times during the last two days. No problem at all, but he pretended me to watch them with him.

I must admit that me and FB love cars, motorbikes and even lawn machines. He was scared of robbers and bandits (or at least this is what he told me) and I missed Guatemala where his Kia Rio flied both on tarmac and off road overtaking even 4wds.

In Australia we really took out the most from our Holden V6 both in on road and off road. A real wheel car is always fun and helps you to place the rear in the right place.

He did some training in a Land Rover’s camp sometime ago so he is above the average Joe in 4wd driving but still several thousand miles away from the impressive master that I saw in those videos.

Tight trousers, a nice camel brown leather jacket, a baseball cap and a defying sight, forget that bunch of twenty year old lamer boys. We’re talking about Paco Costas

This is according to Mr. Evasèe the Spanish Steve McQueen. It’s not only a matter of being fast, safe and with outstanding knowledge.

It’s a matter of attitude. Be a real motorist, Be Pacos Costas.

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